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GLE-532 Luminaire D65
GLE-532 Luminaire D65

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Our Price: £1,880.00 Exc VAT

Product Code: GLE-532-D65

GLE-DS with Dual Light Sources (D65 & D50) [Add £950.00]
GLE-M3 : 3 Light Sources (D65, TL84 & Tungsten) [Add £1,760.00]
GLE-M4 : 4 Sources (D65, TL84, Tungsten & UV) [Add £2,010.00]
GLE-M5 : 5 Sources (D65, TL84, TL83, Tungsten & UV) [Add £2,360.00]
Litegard II / ColorGard II Lamp Monitoring LCD Timer [Add £220.00]


Luminaire Size: 132 (w) x 52cm
The GLE Luminaire is a single source unit fitted with with Colormatcher CM65
® (D65) lamps. It is also available as the Dual Source DS model or the M3 - M5 options which are multi-source luminaires fitted with between 3 & 5 light source as detailed below. They all utilize an innovative optically clear UV transmitting prismatic diffusion lens for optimal light distribution.
Standard units include a plug-in power chord.
GLE luminaires can be configured with a wireless remote control and up to ten luminaires can be combined to configure a system for a large area or colour matching room. Please contact us for prices.
GLE-525: Single Light Source with Colormatcher D65
For more lamp options please add as Accessories:
GLE-DS/25: Dual Light Source. Fitted with D65 & D50
GLE-M3/25: with D65, TL84 (CWF) and tungsten
GLE-M4/25: withD65, TL84, tungsten & UV (BLB)
GLE-M5/25: with D65, TL84 (CWF), TL83 (WWF) tungsten filament & UV (BLB)
Additional light sources are available including:
D75, U30 (ADV30), SPX35 & TL83 (warm white fluorescent).
Note. Colorgard II is standard on options M3 to M5. Do not add it as an accessory.